What kind of tablet should I get…?

Question by Nicole: What kind of tablet need to I get…? I will be getting my tax refund here soon, and require a new internet device. My laptop has provided out on me, but in a year I will be needing a mac, and will be making use of pupil loans for that. Until then, my college has a library and I can borrow my mom’s laptop to do work. I nonetheless was looking to get a tablet so I can hold up with investigation, networking, and something else I can feel of. I know it will not be something to use for typing so don’t give me the lecture. I just want to know what the best type of tablet I can get for about $ 500 or much less. I want it to run on WiFi for sure, something else is just a bonus. I’ve been looking at the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, but I want to know what else is out there. If you can at least give me specs on possibly the best five, if not offer me a web site that will assist me narrow down what I want. Thank you so considerably! Best solution: Solution by JamesJust variety “tablet comparison” into Google and you will find the pros and cons of various tablets. You can make a decision which functions you want most and choose that way. Sorry I do not have a tablet so can’t provide any private view on the matter! Know much better? Depart your personal reply in the remarks!

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