dealership wants me to bring car back..?

Query by Amber B.: dealership desires me to deliver vehicle back..? I obtained a utilised automobile on Saturday, I traded in an ’03 buick that they gave me $ 4700 for and purchased a ’06 Suzuki that i place down an added $ 1500 on. Nowadays(Tuesday) I received a contact from the dealership stating that I have to deliver the car back and take back my buick since they couldn’t discover a bank to take the $ 14000 loan. Legally do I have to take the car back? I experimented with performing my personal investigation online but came up with nothing at all. If it helps make any big difference it was a ford dealership and we signed a contract. thank you for your solutions! I lastly got ahold of the lady that referred to as and she magically just located someone that will get the loan at 48 months rather of 60.. Very best reply: Solution by brian dlegally they should not have let you depart till they knew you were financed. you want to request a attorney this query. Add your own answer in the feedback!

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